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As a photographer, Johann Meya’s objective is to capture images that tell a story. It is important for him to share with the audience the unfiltered story of a person, the experience of nature, or the excitement of athletes competing. Through the different emotions and movement in the photographs, Johann’s intent is to share the fine points in life that are often missed.

Born in Germany, Johann spent much of his childhood living between Maui, Oahu, Florida, Japan, and Germany; however, he considers Hawaii home. After many travels around the world, he uses his lifelong passion of photography to express his appreciation of home. Through photography, he celebrates his Ohana, the "Aloha spirit" of the Islands and people, and the splendor of Hawaii’s natural beauty.

Purchased Photos will have a nearly invisible watermark in the bottom corner, and not the "very visible" one you can see on the site...